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From Bratwurst to Escargot

The Tour of France is starting tomorrow and I'll be documenting the journey again.  The race for has it all from mountains to time trials but for me best bits are when there is the human interaction. This could be a cow in the road, the spectators waving flags or the devils in lycra, or the wining moments of the greats. I just love how involved everybody is! Its more than a race.  Here are some artworks previous years

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Oxford Art Fair

[caption id="attachment_1288" align="alignnone" width="300"] Impressionist rowers[/caption][caption id="attachment_5" align="alignnone" width="222"] Crossing over[/caption]And so it was!! Summer madness has come full circle and this weekend is the last event planned for the next few weeks. Its a time to consolidate and make future plans but first a weekend of meeting people with a love of art. I'll be bringing a range of work. Cyclists for the tour de France set (or is that the new golf?) Rowers as you can get more appropriate for a town that is world famous for its rowing and some more traditional landscapes to keep it interesting. The weather looks a bit dodgy but there is shelter in the cafe and I have my waterproof  covers ready!...

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Artists are a bit touched... well maybe in my case!! Painting in the rain

          If you think that the countryside is quiet think again! I have spent the morning outside reading, which is a rare pleasure. I have been so busy painting and organising exhibitions that it was good to just take a breather. The sheep baaing and the Red Kites whistling overheard and the drone of a bumble bee all surprisingly loud but this all seems to quieten down in the midday heat when a lull goes everything except the sounds of human intervention on the landscape. You will often find me including a little figure or some form of mans presence on his surroundings when off painting out doors. I also love capturing movement I feel I...

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