About Garth

My work is big bold and full of movement. I think in painting a building or a person there is a sense of movement. I work across a range of themes in an expressionistic style. I cover sports, people, buildings and landscape. Most is inspired by my everyday experiences. I work mainly in traditional oil on canvas but find water-based oils are faster drying and more immediate on paper. On the paper based work I love working in other mediums like charcoal and pastels. I also dabble in clay and wire.

My practice is based in the country and sometimes I will work on a project outside instead of the studio. Maybe it’s just the sun shining on you that makes all the difference but there is nothing better than going out and painting plein air. I have been known to pack up my easel and go and stand in the snow to paint. I find being immersed in the landscape a good way to capture the spirit of the place and I produce better work painting direct from life.  My work covers sports, landscapes and more recently portraits. My studio is a room at home, so super convenient. The studio has also become the place where all my artist friends meet and the living room gets ignored. I often work in silence but am slowly adding more music to my collection and of course copious amounts of herbal tea- often cold as I get immersed in my work. When I'm stuck on a piece lying in the bath often helps...a true water baby. 
I think the biggest change in my work since moving to the UK from South Africa has been the influence of the seasons. I find my paintings are darker and more atmospheric in the winter and vibrant in the summer. I have been inspired by the big skies and ever-changing clouds. The buildings also sit very differently in the landscape and I find myself wanting to tell a story rather than taking a snapshot on the place. I tend to go for long walks and this is a great way to immerse yourself in the area you wanting to capture. You build up a memory of place and this then affect your final work.