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Tour of Yorkshire - A crowd pleaser

The Tour de Yorkshire has come and gone for another year. I again captured the race in paintings and drawings. Some of these have been made into products so you can keep the memories alive. Apparently there were 2.6 million spectators over the race and I can well believe these numbers when I look at the crowds! I now have a range of limited edition prints, and gifts of the race.  This image is of the crowds on stage three #TDY 

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Artists are a bit touched... well maybe in my case!! Painting in the rain

          If you think that the countryside is quiet think again! I have spent the morning outside reading, which is a rare pleasure. I have been so busy painting and organising exhibitions that it was good to just take a breather. The sheep baaing and the Red Kites whistling overheard and the drone of a bumble bee all surprisingly loud but this all seems to quieten down in the midday heat when a lull goes everything except the sounds of human intervention on the landscape. You will often find me including a little figure or some form of mans presence on his surroundings when off painting out doors. I also love capturing movement I feel I...

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