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Paint like the impressionists - Potto evening Class

Paint like the impressionists - Potto evening Class

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Oil painting with Garth at Potto 18.30 to 20.3

Thursdays 4/11/18/26 April 2024

Oil painting lessons with Garth

Hi all, welcome to my classes. I’m an artist that works across a range if interests. I aim to make the classes fun and introduce you to oil painting. For me the most important part of being an artist is exploring and finding what is unique to you. It’s not about having the most expensive equipment but having a passion.

For my painting landscapes like the impressionists, I suggest the following:

A basic selection of oil paints. I find Windsor and Newton best for beginners. You will need red, white, blue, yellow ochre and sap green. Black and white are also needed but a small tube of black and a large tube of white. There are lots of sets out there so shop around. Remember you will always need more white than you think as it a mixing colour.

A good flexible palette knife (better to by one good one than a set of cheap inflexible ones.  I’ve put a link to a reasonable priced one

A stretched canvas or canvas board to paint on. This will stand you in much better stead that a canvas pad. I think ideal starter size is approx. 30 x 40cm. You can either have one for each lesson or if you wish to build on your previous work, a minimum of 2 canvasses will work.

A range of brushes. I use a wide brush for skies and for blending. A medium brush for most of the painting and for detail a small brush.

Bring an old bottle for the turps/spirit which I will provide.

A pallete to mix paint on. Here an old plate will do, or you can buy disposable palettes. You can also use some baking paper on a piece of card.

Local shops are The works/ The Range/ The Art Shop Northallerton/ Fountain Street stationers in Guisborough or good old online shops. I find Great Art a great source online but take up to ten days to deliver. Other options online are Art Discount, Amazon or eBay.

Bring your own image to copy

Week 1

Mapping out your paintings and looking at composition.

We will then go on to paint picture.

Week 2

Trees in the landscape

Here you can continue working on last week’s painting or start a fresh painting adding trees to the composition.

Week 3

We start a new painting focusing on a theme of spring looking at all the flowers and skies.

Week 4

Looking at water in a landscape

Reflections and movement in water

Adding people to the composition from last week.