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Taking a new idea on the stations of the cross.

A few years ago I was selected as artist in residence for St Johns Church in Peterborough. This gave me a year of working with the church to create work and ending with a slow at the Peterborough City Art Gallery. 

I recently was approached by a church in Washington on seeing some of my work online and commissioned me to paint the ten stations of the life of Jesus. (A positive new idea on the stations of the cross) We worked together via email and the church put together a list of storeys they would like to have interpreted into artworks. The church is very multicultural and they wanted to reflect this in the new church they were building. They sent me photos and had the members of the congregation workshop together to give me key words and ideas. It was then up to me to reinterpret into pictures. 

Here is the resulting paintings 

The creation/birth of christ

The birth of all creation.

 Here I looked at the story of the creation and thought of the birth of Jesus. I chose hands holding the world but showing an embryo instead of Earth. I included the rainbow to represent an inclusiveness to all people and nations, and the flowers as new life. Ink and Oil paint


Beloved children of God

I loved your image of the baptism in the pool. This for me shows you can come to God at any time and not just as a baby. The gold leaf light shows the blessing we receive at this time. The dove on the head of the congregant is also gold leaf to connect the two. The jug (an image from your alter) pours love and the many hands offer a connection to God and each other. Ink, Gouache, Oil pastel and Gold Leaf.

Hand in hand - creating deciples 

I found your image of the circle holding hands especially powerful. Here as a teenager you are finding yourself. I’ve made the figures ambiguous but connected. This is the beginning of life’s journey. Oil paint and Oil Pastel


Let me tell you a story.

A modern Jesus climbs the mountain to deliver a sermon. Look around and you’ll see an eye, a bird, some coins, bread and trees. The listeners are in the foreground. Find what speaks to you in this story. Oil paint

Just one touch

Outcast and suffering… the belief of being cured by a single touch of the hem of Christ’s robe will heal you. A right royal robe here with the woman’s blood on the floor. Based on tradition Ghanian dress  Inks and Oil pastel



He walks on water, calms the storms and parts the sea. Faith is the key. Abstract image to combine all three. Oil paint using palette knife



Anointing with oil.


I’ve made this image modern in that the images are quite naïve and shows the connection between Mary and Jesus.  They are intertwined to almost become one. I hope this is the feeling confirmation students get.Oil paint and Oil pastel


Come dine with me.

I’ve combined the last supper with the feeding of the 5000. This is quite literal and using children getting stuck into the feast around a table is such a joy to watch.Pen and Ink


Forgive Them

Humanity on the cross. Jesus looks down from the cross humbled. Oil paint


Breakfast with the disciples

The resurrection and renewal celebrated with food. Cooking morsels of fish on an open fire to say Thank you Jesus. The large flames through the sunrise foreshadowing the fire of Pentecost (fishes down the side are also the symbol of Christianity). Oil paint


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