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With Symbiosis I have worked in a completely different way. I travelled to the site which I had earmarked with the looming chimneys. I made a decision not to take photographs but to make a large sketch looking into the brickworks from the nature reserve car park. This just happened to be a blustery day and started with me running like a banshee trying to rescue my paper. After securing my paper to the board I tried to capture the brickworks with fast expressive movement capturing parts of the whole but not copying. I took this home and worked into the painted sketch with charcoal which became the basis of the “blind” oil painting. I wanted to capture the majestic chimneys and vast yards of the brickworks in an abstracted way. It really struck me that we need the great pillars of industry to be driving force and in so doing creating a great place of land redeveloped and handed back to nature. What a great nature reserve. Symbiosis

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