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Studio Relocation

On the move again

We are moving on again!! This time to North Yorkshire and into a rental for six months. We have sold up and are looking for a new home.  
I’m excited about the prospects to get involved in new artist groups. It seems like the North East and Yorkshire have a thriving art scene. As part of the move I’ll be closing down my studio for six months while we house hunt. My website and online will remain active so you will still be able to keep up with my news and what I’m creating. I’m looking forward to going out on the Moors to capture the changing of the seasons and I'll have great coasts to start some seascapes. I haven’t been painting plein air for a while so this will be great for me to expand my repertoire. Of course, this will also place me in the heart of cycling and horse racing country so a good place to keep the major themes of the last few years going.  
I’ll start packing up the studio in about 2 weeks’ time so this will be a good time to grab a painting you’ve had your eye on. Send me an email if there is something you like, and we can strike a deal! 


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