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Buying Art


The biggest questions I come across when people are viewing an artwork for possible purchase are:

Where will I hang it?

Will it fit the space?

Will it match the décor?

And finally … Do I have the space!


Hanging art is a very personal thing. I always advice the most important thing is to love the artwork! There is an artwork for every space. Make it part of a gallery wall where there is a variety of artworks and possibly photos or other memorabilia. Here you can go to town with ideas but a good tip is to lay out the work on the floor to get an idea of how the composition will look. I measure the space and put markers down so I have the same space to work in.

Is the work too small for a space? Have you thought of using a larger frame to accentuate the artwork.

Large artworks can be made to feel smaller by framing in a simple frame in a neutral colour or even a colour to match the wall. You can also try hanging the painting unframed which gives a very contemporary feel to a room.

Will it match the décor is a silly question for me as very rarely does the artwork match a room. Think layering, contrasts and personality rather than colour match. Too much of the same colour can make the painting disappear.

And the biggest advice I can give is change your paintings around every now and again. Rearrange, change rooms or swap out from your collection. When you see the same thing day in and out you stop seeing it. Rearranging can make you see an artwork in a new light. You may discover new things about the painting or just appreciate the work afresh.


Here is a link to Kate Watson Smyths hanging guide


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