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Angels and Fallen Angels

Angels and Fallen Angels At this time of year, most of society and certainly businesses look towards Halloween. I wanted to create a bit of an antidote. Angels and Demons, Heaven and Hell and the lists go on. We all have our angels within and sometimes we fail and sometimes we rise to new heights. I hope you look at the work and ask yourself, do you believe in Angels? And if so why? I have included two pieces of poetry below that explored the subject of Angels and the many reasons to believe in them and also the idea that Angels can fall too. Angels are Watching Angels are watching in all that we do
They see the sadness in our hearts
The happiness, love and hatred too
They know what we’re feeling
What goes through our minds
They know us better than friends
We’ve had all our lives

Angels are always watching
Remembering things we say
The words of kindness
Our impolite ways
So, make sure to say “Thank You”
When someone does something nice
And don’t forget to say “Excuse Me” or “I’m Sorry”
When you step in someone’s path or have been unkind Angels are watching
They’re Gods little miracle workers
They’re everywhere that he can’t be
Passing out wishes
And granting dreams
To those who are deserving
And carry love in their heart
So Remember, no matter what you’re doing
An Angel is watching wherever you are (Unknown form Internet) My Curse (Fallen angel) Unheeded warnings pushed me to the ground, They pushed harder and harder till they knocked me down. Only left with the desire to rise, Into those lovely empyreal skies. My wrongdoings, my feelings of hate, Caused me to carry this troublesome weight. To make things right is not always the goal, I will be free when I earn someone’s soul. I must win one heart, Somehow, someway, Or after ten years I won’t live one more day. My dire situation, with my trust and my fear, I must find just one person, one person to hold dear. The skies are calling, I’m wanting to fly. My wings are broken, frozen stiff and bare. But I must find someone, Somehow, somewhere, To help with the search, to help with my goal, I must capture, An untainted new soul.” (c) Waverly L. Harris

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