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An evening to be remembered

Life drawing is a treat to anybody who follows this practice. It’s a skill that used to be the foundation of figure drawings. I don’t get to go to these sessions as often as I would like but when the opportunity arises I embrace the chance! This week the Drawing Circus from Brighton came to town for 2 nights and I chose to attend the second night. I took my friend Rosie on her first ever event and I think she has fallen for it too.


The group do a narrative over the two nights with a story that unfolds. They also have a single woman on a circus ring which took a lot of my focus. The rest of the models played out the story of nymphs in the forest with the raven and the models wearing diaphanous fabrics with hints and glimpses of what lay below creating a interesting and complicated tableaux to draw. The live music was also fantastic, and I even managed a sneaky drawing of some of the musicians.


Here are some of the drawings and outcomes from the night.




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